WALESTA Sp. z o.o.

We offer the most economic apartments in Poland with low payments for services.

In each apartment there is a separate gas boiler that allows most to solve, how many to pay for heating in an apartment. Apartments in Poland in the city of Swiebodzice (Swiebodzice-60 km. From a Wrocław) in the street Kolejowa 36

Phone: +48 697096706 or +48 74 6645677

New 1, 2 and 3 room apartments with European-quality repair in the city of Swiebodzice. In an apartment heating gas - a boiler 2-function, a plate gas, windows plastic, a laminate, in a bath a tile.
There is an opportunity of installation in a bath of a supercabin with a shower and with a hydromassage - a sauna dry and steam.
Parking for cars, very beautiful territory, a children's playground.
There is an opportunity of purchase of garage of 50 m from an apartment.

There is an opportunity reservation apartments and European-quality repair under the order of the buyer.

The price: 1000-1300 EURO/m2 from 575 EURO/m2

Apartments are in city centre Swiebodzice opposite Train Station:
Photos Train Station.
Photos of a building.
Photos of the city ofSwiebodzice (very clean, silent and beautiful city).
Place position of the city of Swiebodzice on a map of the Europe.

Phone: +48 697096706 or +48 74 6645677